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Princess Jinri

I miss Sulli. The happy Sulli.

And can people stop hating on Sulli? Like seriously, I swear it’s like every comeback when people start attacking Sulli again. Seriously, stop. It’s not helping anyone. Like just leave my bias alone and focus on something else, like your bias or actually supporting f(x).

You people are so harsh on her, why don’t you try putting yourself in her shoes. She always gets bashed on such nonsense and useless things. Haters are always criticizing her, if she’s sick and performs…haters everywhere. When she’s sick and takes a rest…. Haters everywhere. Like what the hell do you want? Stop criticizing her dancing, she already said before that she feels like a burden to her group and you people add to it, now it’s probably a bigger burden compared to before. You people are not helping at all. And on top of that, people make sexual jokes about her, do you not know how sick that is? It’s so disgusting and inhumane.

The worst thing is, every time I see hate about Sulli there is good majority that those people call themselves an f(x) fan. Those people make me sick and I’m so ashamed of this fandom.

OMG. Can people just shut up? Like seriously, f(x) is trying their best here for this comeback and you people are acting like children, fighting and compring. Like save the energy and support f(x).

This probably why we don’t have a fandom name, if people are fighting within the fandom and comparing their bias… We don’t deserve a fandom name. So stop fighting, stop comparing, and get your act together.

The girls are trying their best, we should repay that by supporting them as a WHOLE. Got it?

Stay Strong my baby Sulli! —i can’t fucking believe that people are hating her for being too ill to perform! like seriously..FUCK YOURSELF! and starts bringing out obnoxious topics about how sulli is an hinderance to the group’s talent! like FUCK OFF and Leave F(x) alone.. thank you =)


Maybe it’s love, like a slow wave

F(x) Red Light ver. B - Group photos

" I’ve been amazed by the sky before when I was abroad. I couldn’t believe that this spectacular sky was so close to me. Honestly, I looked up to the sky because it was such a hard time. but as soon as I saw the pretty sky, tough times seemed just a moment on this land under the big sky. My feeling got much better after thinking  how it could be so hard as I was only a dot under the sky ”  - Sulli

26/50 Sulli.

Sulli being ridiculously adorable for Etude House

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