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Sulli at the Fashion King filming set

Anonymous: Good I want Sulli to leave f(x) as well. The members and f(ans) who have been waiting for this cb since forever don't need some traitorous bitch like her dragging everyone down while she's out hopping on her boyfriend's dick. Fake people and backstabbers?? You got it twisted, SULLI is the fake person and backstabber. She's got SM lying to cover her "sick and depressed" ass while the rest of us are waiting for her to get it the fuck together. The sooner she leaves, the better it is for all of us.

Why so bitter? LOL.
The only thing I want to say is “Do not argue with an idiot. He/She will drag you down to his/her level and beat you with experience.”
K. Thanks. Bye.

Honestly there’s a part of me that wants Sulli to leave f(x). Why? That’s because I don’t want Sulli to be in a group where majority of the fandom hates her. And are bunch of fake people and backstabbers.

The point is none of us fans know the WHOLE story to this situation. So everybody just shut up.

Anonymous: now that i re-read our convo, i thought my words are too sharp, sorry if it threatened u. my pranks usually cross the lines

It’s okay. It gave me a good laugh so no hard feelings~

Anonymous: u laughed? i hope u did bc this whole situation is really sad and shocking. i know how it feels like when ur bias is in trouble. i hope u sulli fans will always stay beside her bc i have seen her in some shows and i think she's a nice girl

I did haha. Yeah I know the situation is so depressing that it’s nice to get a laugh once in a while.
And yes thank you for your supporting words. I wish more people like you existed, especially in our fandom haha.

Anonymous: salute to this blog, i was just testing u fans. not really an fx fan at all. sorry for bothering u lol i was just bored and this big news came

Haha. It’s fine. Thanks for the laugh though. The situation is all so serious

Anonymous: im sure sm already told them the consequences of being an idol, if she wanted to be free, then why become an idol? even if we mix up the words, sulli's still at fault

So you’re basically telling me that if you’re an idol then you can’t be free? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

And I admit she has some faults in all these situations but is it right to turn your back against her just because she’s dating?

Anonymous: u are sulli's fans, if she really understand you people, she wouldn't have done that. if she really loved all of you, she would not complicate things and could have been patient. u've been blaming sm for everything, but u cannot blame everyone except sulli for going out with her 30 year old boyfriend just to deny that they're dating

I’m not blaming her for dating a 30 year old guy, I mean I accepted the fact that they are dating. So I can’t do anything about that.

Honestly, the situation isn’t that she doesn’t understand. It is that us understanding her. She’s been in the industry for a long time already and has been doing nothing but trying to make her fans happy. I mean I think it’s about time she does something for herself

Anonymous: but sometimes, you have to sacrifice too, knowing that you would hurt the world watching you and the people you've been with for 5 years. the other members wants to be free too, don't you think so? but after everything they've suffered, they pushed it all away. look at sulli neglecting everything just to be with a 30 year old guy.

Yeah I get that of you’re going to be selfish and want your own happiness you’re eventually going to hurt some people.

But the thing is, Sulli has been in the industry for quite a long time already, maybe. Just maybe she wants a break and actually wants to do something that makes her happy.

think about it. How can you make other people happy when you, yourself isn’t happy?

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